Etang Niroux

Premier Carp fishing in France

Etang du Niroux


This stunning lake of just less than 20 acres is owned by one of the biggest and oldest fish farmers in France, and was stocked during the winter of 2005 as a new venue for fishing.
It’s location is about a 40 minute drive from our Bley lakes through the very peaceful French countryside,and it’s about a five and a half hour drive from Calais, mostly all motorway.

There are restaurants, bars and a supermarket just 5 minutes from the lake in the small and peaceful town of Pontailler Sur Saone .

Niroux is a very old lake and is completely surrounded by trees and lush vegetation. It also has plenty of pegs to fish on, some of which are close enough for some anglers to fish quite close to each other should they want to.

There are islands,bays and many other features to fish to, with spare pegs to move onto or to stalk from should you feel the need.

On one side of the lake the forest comes right down to the waters edge, and often at first light in the morning or just as the sun is going down in the evening , deers and other forest animals can be seen drinking as they stand in the water.

On site there is a  toilet / shower room, and a small wooden chalet that houses a fridge and freezer and English power points.

The lake is best suited for small groups of 4 to 5 anglers at a time, and there is a 5 angler limit at one time on the lake.

The Fish Stocks

The carp that were introduced during the winter of 2005 ranged from around 20lb to 50lb when stocked, and huge grass carp to almost 60lb were stocked at the same time.

Anglers have banked grass carp to 57 lb, mirrors to 68 lb and commons to 54 lb during their visits to the lake.

As the owners of Niroux are fish farmers, each winter they introduce just one or two more carp into the lake, making it an ongoing stocking program which allows the other carp to grow fast ( and they are. ) Some carp are putting on as much as 7 lb in one year.

The owners have told us that there were already carp in the lake before the first stocking in 2005, and as it is a very old French lake, we think that it may have a few surprises in store for some of you.

Some anglers visiting  the lake have had some good results:

Adam Morris from Basing stoke took  8 x 40 lb plus mirrors to 56.8 lb , along with some 40 lb plus commons and quite a few other carp of 20 and 30 lb  in 6 days.

Just recently Adam also banked 5 x 40 s in one night along with 2 upper 30 s as well on the same night , and like Adam Niroux has some very regular visitors now.

Nigel Monk  from Essex had a hectic 4 day session on the lake and took 11 x 40s to 48 lb , 9 x 30s to 39 lb and 2 x 20s. Nigels 48 lb mirror , still had the curtain in it’s mouth. Brian Wilshire from Germany,Jon Uffindale from Eseex and Lee Black from Essex have all had big hits on the lake also, and all 3 anglers have banked 3 x differnt 50s in a weeks fishing along with stax of 30s and 40s in the same week .

There have been several carp over 60 lb banked during the last few seasons with the lake record now at just under 69 lb.

The above anglers have all done well on Niroux,as have many others, but please don’t think that this lake is an easy runs water, as some anglers have struggled on the lake at times.


Fishing the lake

Niroux was stocked with big carp and although it’s not a runs water, it has already earned its own reputation by its fishing, and during the last few seasons it has certainly been revisited again and again by some of our regulars, although like most lakes it can be moody and difficult some times.

During the last seasons fishing, the majority of the carp caught on Niroux were over the 30lb mark, with many anglers taking multiple catches of 30s and 40s and 50s.
Most weeks see 50 lb carp out, and some anglers have had several 50s in a week with many having multiple catches of 40s. Some anglers have struggled.

Although there have been some big hits on the lake, Niroux lake  is better suited to the more serious carp angler and not pleasure fishermen .

Etang Niroux is, itself an absolutely stunning lake,with some cracking fish in it, but why take our word for it.

Take a look at some of the pictures on the Niroux gallery, or better still, come and see for yourself.

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How to find the lake

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Etang du Niroux
East of Dijon, just south of the village of Clery off the D959.

Sat Nav coordinates for google map systems.
Niroux.  47 ‘ 16 “,48, 70 N         5’ 30 “20, 53 E   .

google map name etang du Nilieu.

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